Imagine now delivers an elevated level of sophisticated risk analysis and transparency to funds of funds, institutional investors, asset managers and others that invest across multiple funds and asset classes. By independently sourcing, verifying, aggregating and normalizing the fund level data that is typically not accessible by investors, then applying common sets of risk exposures and risk scenarios, Imagine's Risk Aggregator provides the framework for comprehensive risk analysis.

This powerful complement to the Imagine Trading System enables clients who do not have direct access to position level details to view, compare, and report risk exposures and analyses across all underlying funds and investments. This provides greater intelligence and insight from the total fund level all the way down.

Greater transparency into investments
- Custom-tailored reports to meet specific needs
- Consistent data formats, no matter the type of report

More meaningful risk analysis
- Interactive analysis enabling investors to focus on risk attributes most important to them
- Improved allocation analysis
- What-if analysis that goes beyond standard risk reporting

Increased investor confidence in risk exposure data
- Ability to meet board mandates and track managers
- Easy, secure access to reports and analysis tools

More than twenty years of real-time portfolio and risk management experience in the hedge fund industry

Satisfied roster of hedge funds already using the platform

Third party validation, data normalization, common sets of risk attributes and risk scenarios

Powerful data visualization and reporting capabilities

Automated loading of fund data to the platform

Ability to co-brand the web portal

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