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The Imagine Financial Platform (IFP), our cloud-based API, enables you to leverage Imagine's institutional-grade risk and portfolio management engine and its robust analytics and rich data universe. The API is server-side JavaScript, and accessible from a RESTful web service. The IFP provides everything from simple time series to sophisticated yield curves, from listed stock equities to exotic derivative products.

API Capabilities

The API supports market and model securities for: valuation, greeks, exposures, stress tests, and scenario analysis. The data universe not only gives access to security master terms and conditions and market data but also allows access to Imagine's value-added scrubbed data which includes time series yield curves, dividend curves, volatility surfaces, credit curves as well as realized volatility, and correlation to evaluate large portfolios or individual positions.

Some of the objects available in our JavaScript API:

  • - Analytics, calculators, Monte Carlo, Value at Risk, I/O Services (a bridge to useful API for data import and export).
  • - Many types of market data: delta volatility, strike volatility, realized volatility, and dividend, market quotes, and yield curves.
  • - A way to track customer orders and executions, fees and commissions, holdings, and portfolios.
  • - Reference data including country, issuer, accounts, aliases, benchmark indexes, brokers, customers, exchanges, holidays, restricted securities, time zones, and more.
  • - Security master search/lookup.

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