Front-to-back, Integrated Real-time Portfolio & Risk Management...

The Imagine Trading System
is the award-winning choice of thousands of traders, portfolio managers, risk managers, CRO's and CFO's world-wide across:
hedge funds
pension funds
investment banks
brokerages and market-makers
sovereign wealth funds

Imagine offers a real-time, institutional-grade portfolio and risk management system, with a choice of:

traditional in-house (enterprise) installation or
full-service on-line accessibility with real-time pricing, security master, corporate actions, derived market data, and 24/7 connectivity
Trade capture, pricing, real-time P&L, and risk for all major asset classes across all trading strategies, both cash and derivatives. All online.

Leave Spreadsheets Behind

Today's investors demand more from risk managers than simplistic, spreadsheet-based solutions, which suffer from significant shortcomings:
High operational risk associated with a lack of basic controls like audit trails, access and data security, etc.
An inability to present integrated portfolio and risk views aggregated across multiple trading portfolios, books, and business units
Delivers at best only a tiny subset of the advanced analytic features and functions considered mandatory by today's risk professionals

Robust Integrated Risk & Portfolio Management Solutions

Fifteen years of continuous product development has resulted in the real-time, institutional-grade risk and portfolio management capabilities available through, Imagine Software's award-winning ASP service:
Comprehensive cross-asset, multi-strategy support
Puts real-time stress testing, "what-if" scenarios, VaR, Monte Carlo simulation, greeks, P&L, advanced reporting, and much more at a user's disposal
"On-the-fly" additions and modifications to portfolio/risk views and calculations easily made by users - without programmers, the All-in-One Solution

This comprehensive ASP-based service provides everything clients need:
Software – high-performance, real-time portfolio and risk management functionality
Data – all of the real-time and static data elements necessary for dependable valuation and risk management
Services – end-of-day and start-of-day processing (e.g., corporate actions, marks, resets, correlations, volatility data, etc.) needed for daily operations
In addition to eliminating the IT support demands normally associated with institutional-grade functionality,'s ASP delivery channel provides fast deployment and scalability, plus significant cost advantages versus traditional software installations.
Imagine's all-in-one solution bolsters straight through processing (STP) initiatives via seamless "out-of-the-box" integrations with all major prime brokers, OMS front ends and accounting systems, executing brokers and ECNs, and fund administrators.
A Free Trial of a Proven, Award-Winning Risk Management Solution…

For qualified businesses, Imagine offers a no-obligation trial of its award-winning online ASP solution,

In a matter of days you can be up and running with your own uploaded positions, real-time pricing data, and initial training.
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