Front-to-back, Integrated Real-time Portfolio & Risk Management Software...

Power within Reach
Across the globe thousands of financial professionals rely on the award-winning Imagine Trading System for their portfolio and risk management needs.
Clients have the flexibility of either a full-service cloud-based ASP solution — with real-time pricing, security master, corporate actions, derived market data, and 24/7 connectivity — or a traditional in-house enterprise installation.
Additionally, financial institutions, third parties, and partners have the ability to use and create applications — Imagine Apps — that leverage, customize, and extend the system via the Imagine Financial Platform (IFP) and Imagine Marketplace.

Innovative, Extensible, Robust
With comprehensive coverage of all major asset classes and trading strategies, Imagine delivers tangible benefits and competitive advantages for a wide audience. If you'd like to learn more about a free trial, click here to contact us.
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